Martin Parker

trojan women

The extract above is a theme I developed for Helen of Troy as she slowly parades herself in-front of the broken Hecuba and war-weary Menelaus.


This was a commission from Theatre Cryptic to generate real-time visuals and sound/music for a version of Brendan Keneally’s adaptation of Euripides’ Trojan Women in 2005. The work was premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2005 and toured Scotland between September and November 2005.

My approach involved developing a continuous soundscape that was played by computer and distributed to a 5.1 surround system.  The computer part was performed by an operator (Angelica Kroeger) who learned to play the piece extremely well.  Live sound from the virtual chorus (Katie Dickie and Itxaso Moren) was converted into spectral data that windowed a processed choir of distant female voices.  These effects and other sounds were combined with a series of tracks that were brought into and out of focus by Angelica as she followed the emotional trajectory of the narrative.

Myra McFadyen as Hecuba
Kate Dickie as Andromache
Itxaso Moreno as Cassandra
Candice Edmunds as Helen
Keith Macpherson as Talthybius and Menelaus

Direction by Cathie Boyd
Design by Julia Bardsley
Lighting by Giuseppe di lorio
Sound design, composition and real time visuals by Martin Parker