Martin Parker

tube / network concert




July 6th 2006
Network Concert: circular breathing
Hosted by T-U-B-E Munich

6pm (Reykjavik) GMT | Martin Parker | Harmonica, live electronics
7pm (Glasgow) BST | Pete Dowling | Sax, live electronics
8pm (Munich) CEST | Christoph Reiserer | Sax, live electronics

Three musicians played together simulataneously in Reykjavik, Glasgow and Munich. Crossing three timezones we attempted to simulate circular breathing, a technique used by saxophone players enabling them to play continuously for long periods of time. A sound began in Munich, traveled to Glasgow and then continued to Reykjavik before being sent back to Munich.

The names of our audience members were different in each country. We invited audience members to type names into our name sampler software. Each name was used to generate a sequence of notes that were unique in each country.

Christoph Reiserer
Pete Dowling
Martin Parker

Streaming was achieved using the T-U-B-E VST plugin by Dr. Jorg Stelkens

I developed a wrapper for the plugin which is an OSX only standalone application. It was produced with research I developed using a research and development award from ALT-W. More details below;

T-U-B-E HOST PLUGIN wrapper;

INSTRUCTIONS The T-U-B-E plugin is quite CPU intensive so it is difficult to use the network and do lots of fancy audio processing on the same machine.
This plugin wrapper is designed to allow you to run the tube plug on one system and send audio for processing on another machine. It should work on any OSX 10.4.6 machine, best to use two pro- audio cards or a digital connection to avoid quality loss between the two machines. You can also record the output and input to disk for post-performance remixing and mastering.
Currently version 0.95

Is a standalone plugin handler which allows you to create a T-U-B-E server on any net connected MacOSX 10.4.6 machine with port 7172 open. You will need to download the T-U-B-E plugin from here;