Martin Parker

Filament, outdoor

In a successfully functioning city, communication networks such as telephone and internet are seamless, controlled and hidden from view. Filament exposes these communications, offering them up for reconfiguration via an interactive curtain of raw copper wires.

Hall Akustika has positioned microphones at sonically interesting and locally significant sites around the city of Hall (There are 7 other sound installations happening at this time). The soundscapes are sent to a server which then feeds the sprouting curtain in the Platzl, a cafe square in the centre of the city.

As wires in the curtain are crossed, circuits are closed, releasing sound into the Platzl. Different sounds of the city are connected with one another in randomly chaotic order.

The curtain serves two purposes; providing a musical performance interface, with coffee drinkers looking on, meanwhile exposing the potential of network communications to cause misunderstanding and complexity through the physical mechanism of crossed wires.

The screen is very sensitive and will react to the slightest impulse, even from wind so the copper wire screen could also be thought of as digital wind chime.

A radio programme about Hall Akustika was made for the Kunstradio show, aired on Sunday June 11th at 11pm.

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