Martin Parker

Book Chapters

• Coyne, Richard, and Martin Parker. 2007. Voice and space: The agency of the acousmêtre in spatial design. In P. Turner, S. Turner, and E. Davenport (eds.), Exploration of Space, Technology and Spatiality: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, to appear: Idea Press. First appeared as Coyne, Richard, and Martin Parker. 2004. Voices Off: The Spatial Implications of Voice in Ubiquitous Digital Media. Proc. Space, Spatiality, Technology Conference 12 – 24 Dec 2004: 34-38. Edinburgh: Napier University. [MO]

• Raffaseder, Hannes and Martin Parker 2008, ‘Interrelation – Sound Transformation and remixing in real-time’.  In Transdisciplinary Digital Art, Sound, Vision and the New Screen, Volume 7. 1865-0929 (Print) 1865-0937 (Online).