Martin Parker

pads, gels and tiles : Gunma, Japan

A live performance at the Concept Space gallery in Gunma, Japan using drum pads, gel loudspeakers and the resonant frequencies of the room.
This project was developed in collaboration with artist Alan Johnston who invited me to join him on his trip to several galleries in Japan where he produced a series of wall drawings.

Concept Space

In response to Alan’s well defined shapes, scratched onto the walls of the space using pencil, I placed small Gel-Based loudspeakers on the walls of the room.  These loudspeakers are very special.  They are designed to be attached to almost any flat surface.  Once connected, they make that surface resonate turning the entire surface into a resonating body (or loudspeaker).

Using measurements of the room, I devise rhythmic patterns and frequencies that emerge from the walls in 6 channels around a seated audience.

The performance above took place on October the 8th at the Concept Space gallery in Gunma, Shibukawa, Japan.