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August 2006
Mac OSX Version 1.d
This system was developed for the AHRC research project Inflecting Space.
As part of our data gathering we have been devising a sound installation/voice experiment called Vocal Ikebana.
This tool was developed to make documenting the experiment quick and efficient, however, it has been designed such that it can be used for most timelapse or stop_frame video projects.


  1. Choose dimensions of video to record
  2. Initialise the camera
  3. Decide if you want to add date stamp to the video.
  4. Setup grab schedule or choose a key on your keyboard to grab a frame when you like
  5. Setup output format. Video formats range from web optimised to full quality DV.
  6. Click write to choose a place to write the file.


  • Audio cuing during automated grabbing
  • Time and Date stamping directly to the video optional
  • Grab a frame every 1- 59 seconds
  • Stop after any number of frames
  • Calculates how long the video will be at your chosen frame rate
  • Most output video codecs supported
  • Grab frames using asci keyboard.


Created in the Max MSP Jitter Programming environment, thanks to


This software is free to download and use. The author takes no responsibility for what this software does to your computer.