Martin Parker

Out there – Crail Harbour

02 – Crail Harbor
The sleepy village of Crail boasts a peaceful and atmospheric harbor with a view out across the Forth that looks towards the Isle of May. Crail is the furthest East of the Neuk’s fishing towns and therefore the view from the harbor also reaches out beyond the confines of the wash of the Firth of Forth. This far edge of the Neuk is exposed to Denmark, the Netherlands and Southern Norway as well as the Bass Rock and North Berwick. It is from this view that sounds collected from the sea shore take you out across the ocean towards unknown places on an unknown ship. This slow, drone-based piece regards the sea as a powerfully mysterious, inhospitable and possibly frightening place, its otherness and relentlessness reflected in the sounds of processed Chinese percussion samples. The music should leave you with space to hear the sounds of wind and sea through your headphones, listening at louder levels may mask the presence of the environment you are in though. Your ship drops you back on the harbor side to the accompaniment of digital rain and a distant defensive arctic tern.