Martin Parker

Out there – Dunino Den

03 – Dunino Den Dunino

Den Dunino Den is a peculiarly mysterious and special location with a history of spiritual human activity dating back to the Picts and before. If you look around carefully you’ll find carvings on some of the rocks near the brook and stones from an ancient stone circle are littered around the church yard near where you’ll park when you come here.
Susan Delatour LePoidevin’s poem to Dunino Den ends with the questions; ‘a sanctuary? a sacred place? who had been here before us?’
This piece responds directly to the Den, and refers to its mysterious qualities and functions both historic and current as a place for ceremony and delirium. The piece slowly awakens to rhythmically processed material recorded in the forest at 5am on an April morning. As the music progresses the digital aesthetic takes over but the sound of bells coming into and out of the texture cut through this. The piece ends with a direct reference to the Den’s use by party goers using a processed drum loop donated to the piece by Acid dance musician Mike Dred