Martin Parker

Out there – St Fillan’s Cave

Credited with powers of healing the sick, St Fillan is alleged to have lived in this cave in the 8th century. It is more likely though that he took shelter here on his travels as a missionary.
In the 18th century, the town’s drunks were (also allegedly) deposited here and cured of their addiction by being tied up over night and forced to go cold turkey.
As the only ‘indoor’ piece of the three, I’ve tried to make a very internal and reflective kind of music. The sounds you hear are freely associated, perhaps illustrative of passing thoughts. Field recordings I’ve taken from various recording trips with my portable in-ear microphones have been used throughout. Sounds recorded in the cave are also present giving the feeling that there might be others with you. The many layers and juxtapositions in this piece allude to the many uses this cave might have had, from shelter to smuggler’s lair, from holy site to an empty space.