Martin Parker

gruntCount goes flute


I’ve just spent three days in the company of the absolutely spectacular flautist Anne La Berge. We’ve been developing the first official edition of gruntCount, a sound-managed (self playing) piece for solo instrument and computer.

Anne was fantastic to work with and totally got the idea of the piece (that requires the player to literally push their way through a map of complex sound processing presets). I’ll publish the score and software on sumtone soon, it will then be available for other flautists to take on the road. Meanwhile, I’ll be working with other instruments to get settings for their own edition of gruntCount soon.

We premiered the piece in Alison House at a lovely concert with edimpro on Tuesday 14th June. The image above is the map of the piece that Anne performed; 8500 grunts took her around 15 minutes to get through.