Martin Parker

Playlist Interludes


Soundwaves Festival in Brighton invited me to make a work that explores listening habits in some way for their “Listen” event on the 17th July 2011. Each of these ‘playlist interludes’ began as a location recording made when listening intently to particular environments, mostly urban, on holidays and performance trips. I then mixed in studio material that latched onto elements of pitch, rhythm, timbre or general feel of these environments to create some sort of friction or interrelationship between the two worlds.

Either listen to the interludes in order (A to J) or better, put your portable player on shuffle so that they will be randomly scattered across your music collection, they can then act as the intended ‘interludes’ between more familiar sound and music on your system.

Visit the soundwaves website for the download link, until the 18th July;

playlist interludes 17’24

Interlude A – by the pool 1’54
Interlude B – depress here  3’09
Interlude C – after party  0’46
Interlude D – I’m so excited 0’27
Interlude E – little dance  0’36
Interlude F – rapido 2’14
Interlude G – subway  0’21
Interlude H – lift off 2’03
Interlude I – in hotels 3’31
Interlude J – your mum wants you 2’30