Martin Parker

Concept Mixer

This was a challenge set by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In order to welcome a new group of academics to their Young Academy of Scotland, on the 29th November 2011, they asked me to design an installation that connected with the research and work of the new academy and represented some of the synergy they hoped the new group might have. They wanted to represent the different disciplines of the academics involved so I took a list of keywords from their research profile and invited Mauricio Escamilla, Varun Nair, Matthew Collings and Evan Holm to help collect visual and sonic responses to these keywords from Google searches. Each loud noise in the room where the installation was setup would cause a new concept to be born with a keyword and an image presented together but randomly selected. I was curious to learn how an image can change the meaning of a word and vice versa.

This video that documents how the installation worked and was setup was made by Matthew Collings.