Martin Parker

Music Impossible

‘Music Impossible’ was a collaboratively designed installation for light beams, light sensors and octophonic sound and presented at Glasgow City Halls, Glasgow, in November 2011. It was a joint commission from the Glasgow Old Fruitmarket Gallery as part of Glasgow UNESCO’s City of Music family fun day. Matthew Collings, Brendan Doyle and Jung-in Jung designed and prepared the project

The video documentation above was made by Matt Collings and Jung-in Jung.

The commission brief was very specific. The the was a ‘Mission Impossible’ style scenario, where visitors to the installation break a visible light beam and trigger sounds. The installation had to be accessible and safe for families, children of all ages and adults should be able to enjoy it. The installation is based around a custom-made system of lighting, light sensors and computer software in Max/MSP. I built the core engine for playing sounds but my main job in this project was to oversee the development of the installation and help Matt, Brendan and Jung-in as needed. Given their innate competence with the challenge set, I found I had very little to do.

The installation synchronised with other events happening at the Glasgow Frutimarket including the premiere of ‘Man High’ with Stephen Deazley and Andy McGregor.