Martin Parker


Photo credit Ramsay Thurber - it is a photo of me preparing my new 26 loudspeaker, anti sweetspot rant at Inspace in March 2012.

I think sound is at its best when you know what you’re doing but you don’t know what’s going to happen. I explore this idea across my work in composition, improvisation and sonic art by experimenting with sound technologies, people and places. I teach a number of courses as Programme Director of the MSc Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh and am slowly developing a trilogy of pieces designed especially for performance in cinemas. I do a number of other things as well, have a look around this website to find out more. To learn about the MSc Sound Design, please go here:

You can access some of my scores and music via online music publisher

* Photo credit: Ramsay Thurber, it is a picture of me preparing my recent anti-sweetspot, 26 loudspeaker rant whilst on residency at Inspace in March 2012.